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[Burst: After your opponent summons a Spirit/Brave by opposing effect]
Exhaust two opposing Spirits/Ultimates. After the effect resolves, summon this card without paying the cost.

[LV2][LV3] Whirlwind: 2 (When Attacks/Blocks) Heavy exhaust two opposing Spirits/Ultimates. (Heavily exhausted cards are turned upside down and become exhausted after refreshing once.)

[LV3] While you control four or more "Mega"/"Plant Spirit" Spirits, your opponent can't remove cores from their Spirits.

  • Number: 20
  • Rarity: Master Rare
  • Card Type: Spirit/Burst
  • Color: Green
  • Spirit Type: Mega, PlantS, ArmoredB
  • Cost: 8
  • Reduction: EEEE
  • Gems: 1
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