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29 de agosto de 2017
DragoBorne - Rise to Supremacy DragoBorne - Rise to Supremacy :
25 de julio de 2017
Galactic Empires CCG Galactic Empires CCG :
12 de junio de 2017
Lightseekers Trading Card Game Lightseekers Trading Card Game : Standalone physical game whose cards are each scannable by the Lightseekers game to unlock in-game effects.
29 de mayo de 2017
Star Wars: Destiny Star Wars: Destiny : Play out your own epic, saga-spanning, “what if” battles in Star Wars™: Destiny, a collectible dice and card game for two players!
12 de mayo de 2017
Star Quest - The Regency Wars Star Quest - The Regency Wars : A collectible card game of warring factions, struggling to gain control over a galaxy decimated by a deadly viral disaster.
12 de mayo de 2017
Star of the Guardians Star of the Guardians : A 2-player Collectible Card Game in which the players play cards to deploy spaceships and destroy each other's empire. The game is set in a science-fiction setting of the same name, novelized in a 4-book series by Margaret Weis.
20 de febrero de 2017
Tempest of the Gods Tempest of the Gods : A collectible card game based on the fantastic struggle of the gods to rule all existence. Each player rules over his or her own pantheon, pooling the faith of their devoted followers and priests to summon great champions, bring to pass cataclysmic miracles, and create all-powerful relics.
18 de febrero de 2017
Wyvern Wyvern : U.S. Games Systems, Inc., two-player collectible card game featuring dragons and wyverns battling for treasure.
21 de mayo de 2016
Fire Emblem Cipher TCG Fire Emblem Cipher TCG : Cipher cards feature characters from many Fire Emblem games throughout the series.
1 de abril de 2016
Dixie, the American Civil War Card Game Dixie, the American Civil War Card Game :
13 de enero de 2016
The Simpsons TCG The Simpsons TCG :
22 de diciembre de 2015
Luck & Logic TCG Luck & Logic TCG :
12 de noviembre de 2015
Terminator CCG Terminator CCG : Based on the Terminator movies, using the same "Battleground System" as the Aliens vs. Predator CCG and so supposedly compatible.
10 de septiembre de 2015
Elegías TCG Elegías TCG :
9 de septiembre de 2015
24 TCG 24 TCG : The 24™ TCG lets you play either with or against CTU in a fast-paced struggle for victory.
3 de agosto de 2015
Force of Will Force of Will : The Journey of Destiny
6 de enero de 2015
Exodus Exodus : Trading Card Game with easy rules, fast game-play, and fantastic art.
25 de septiembre de 2014
.hack//G.U. The Card Battle .hack//G.U. The Card Battle : Trading card game in Japan based on the Project .hack and .hack Conglomerate world.